It’s not how you start, but how you finish!

What a day, what a beautiful day, when things turn out your way! I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Louis, his son Clay, his grandson Clayton, his son-in-law Roby, and his other grandson Noah. The west wind was blowing, which made it really bumpy. After we made a few stops, and little trout in the boat, things were looking grim. I decided to go inland and look for a lee shoreline. I was drifting an area, and BOOM we caught one trout. So, I dropped a hook and it was on! Doubles, triples, everyone was hooked up! We were on such a great bite that I kept a few for the freezer. We ended the day with 150 speckled trout, 1 bull redfish, and 1 sheepshead.
Jakamo South is a New Orleans fishing charter operating out of Shell Beach,LA
All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp!!!
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