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Big Catches Photo Gallery

There’s nothing we love more than sending our charter fishing trip friends home with  a big catch. Click the images below to enlarge.

Louisiana Sportsman fishes Lake Borgne with Captain Jacques

Rusty Tardo from Louisiana Sportsman heads to Lake Borgne with Captain Jacques via Shell Beach and rakes in the bountiful speckled trout along the banks. Tardo was skeptical of the trip but Captain Jacques was more than happy to prove him wrong. “Where we headed, Captain Jacques?” I asked, figuring he’d say, “Biloxi Marsh.” “Into the…

Capt. Jacques gives Louisiana Sportsman his top 3 tips

Patrick Bonin with Louisianan Sportsman joins Captain Jacques in Shell Beach. Read an excerpt of the success of their trip below: On a trip last Thursday — where tidal movement was less than a foot — I went on a trip with Laboureur and his friend Eric Olsen, and we put 75 specks in the…

Smack down in the Sound

Woody Day and his brother-in-law, Drew, joined Jakamo South for a charter fishing trip smack down in the Sound. I tried to head to where I caught them yesterday, but there were boats that beat me there. No problem. I decided to fish a different area and whacked the speckled trout. Woody and Drew barely missed… finds out how Capt. Jacques “tests” water salinity

Captain Jacques takes Todd Masson from | The Times Picayune to Breton Sound in search of speckled trout concentrations. Here’s an excerpt of the surprising way the Capt. “tests” the water salinity. Capt. Jacques Laboureur has a highly tuned, specialized device for testing water to determine if it will hold speckled trout. He carries…

Capt. Jacques teaches Todd Masson about the wind off Shell Beach

Captain Jacques takes Todd Masson out to Shell Beach and gives him a few tips about the wind and how just the right amount and direction can be beneficial. See an excerpt of the article below: “Ideal conditions would be a southeast wind at 5 knots, just enough to push the clean water and bait…

Big Redfish Video!

Phillip catches a big redfish during a New Orleans charter fishing trip with Jakamo South.