AJ, Tracey, and their boys

The summer heat is here and the trout love it. Had a great day with AJ Madison, his wife Tracy, and their 2 sons Abdul and Ahmad. We made one stop in the Sound and slowly started pecking away at some good sized trout. There was no tide movement and those Campo’s live shrimp were doing the trick, so I didn’t want to leave. Capt. Brandon was on the other side of the rig and really started to put some fish in the boat. He hollered at me to squeeze on in and before you knew it, we were on the fish too. Ms. Tracy was the angler of the day catching the only bull redfish and some of the prettiest trout in the box. The bite slowed to nothing, the water never moved, and the temperature kept rising. We called it a day with 71 specks, 1 bull red, and 4 sheepshead. AJ and his family had a blast and will be returning this fall when the temps. are much more reasonable. Special thanks to Capt. Brandon for letting me slide in on great bite.
Jakamo South is a New Orleans fishing charter operating out of Shell Beach,LA
All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp!!!
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