These Guys are True Fisherman!

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A good couple of days with Reggie Hayes and his father, Pat. The father and son duo came down from Indiana(Pat) and New York(Reggie) for 4 days of hardcore fishing in Louisiana. They spent the first two days fishing in Venice, La catching tuna and grouper. They spent the last two days fishing trout and reds with me in Shell Beach, La. Day one, the guys were pretty worn out from their previous two days so we went out into the Sound looking to catch some trout early and take it to the house. After a couple of stops and just a handful of trout and 1 jack crevelle, I got a call on the radio from Capt. Jonathan that he was on a ferocious bite and to get there quickly. So we slid on in as Jonathan finished up and the specks started hitting the deck. We made quick work of it and took it to the house. The next day, we woke up to some fairly high winds. We decided to stay close in Bay Eloi and fish some lee shorelines before we went looking for redfish. We put a few in the box before we went to the Biloxi marsh to catch our reds. Our total for each day was:
Day 1- 75 specks and 1 red
Day 2- 32 specks and 10 reds
These guys are hardcore and fished incredibly well and I can’t wait to get them on the boat again next year.
Jakamo South is a New Orleans fishing charter operating out of Shell Beach,LA
All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp!!!
Give me a call and get in on the action!!!