Monthly Archives: April 2013

Oklahoma Redfish Slam!

Windy report from Tuesday, April 18th. I fished with Clyde Wheeler, his daughter, Jennifer, and his friend, Bob Meyerson. They were from Oklahoma and had never been saltwater fishing in their lives! Bob is a retired bass fishing guide and this was a bucket list wish that needed to be checked off. After this trip,…

Big Redfish Video!

Phillip catches a big redfish during a New Orleans charter fishing trip with Jakamo South.  

Jay Swindle and Community Bank Crew

Great day fishing with Jay Swindle and his crew of Community bank in Hattiesburg, MS. Jay has fished with me several times and just can’t get enough. His crew consisted of Billy and Robert in my boat, and Jay, Charles, and Charlie in Capt. Frank’s boat. We fished the Biloxi Marsh and both boats did…