2 great days and wet boat rides

Paul MavisGene, Justin, Auggie

I’m a little behind schedule, so this will be two reports in one. On Sunday, I fished with Mr. Paul Mavis, Justin, Felton, and Brody. The weather was looking a little sketchy, so if we wanted to catch trout, it needed to happen quickly. The fish gods were on our side. I made one stop in Bay Eloi and put 100 trout in the box by 9am, just minutes before the storm hit. We tucked into the marsh to weather the storm and got on a fairly decent bite. We ended the day with 100 trout, 11 redfish, 4 drum, and 2 sheepshead. We all got soaked, but the guys went home with groceries and smiles!

I fished yesterday with a good friend of mine, Justin Frey and his friends, Auggie and Gene. WE woke up to a light east wind and some pretty water. There were a few small storm cells around, but not enough to prevent us from making the trip. After making three moves to avoid the rain, we called it quits at 9:30 with 80 beautiful speckled trout.

Jakamo South is a fishing charter operating out of Shell Beach, Louisiana, just 25 miles south of the New Orleans French Quarter!

All fish were caught on campo’s live shrimp.