Wild Bill

Wild Bill and Ray

Tough conditions yesterday morning fishing with Ray Huntz of March and Bayou Magazine and Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski of the Cape Caution on the TV series Deadliest Catch. There were a bunch of small storms in the area and a 14 knot SW wind. We fished in Bay Eloi and tucked into a lee and got the fish going. They started off decent, but got smaller. We picked our way to #50 with a handful of white trout. With all the small fish we had to work through, it really helps getting that Campo’s count. Captain Bill and Ray had a blast and they were tons of fun to fish with! We exchanged fishing stories and I enjoyed Captain Bill’s stories from Alaska to Costa Rica. When he comes to town, I sure hope he calls me again for another fishing adventure! The final count was 50 specks, 8 white trout, and Captain Bill’s Largest redfish ever caught (44 inches and an estimated 30+ lbs) and Ray caught and released another 36 inch red! Special thanks to the Campo family and Darrell Eckert for setting the whole thing up!

Jakamo South is a New Orleans fishing charter operating out of Shell Beach,LA
All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp!!!
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