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Loren Leblanc of Westend Roofing showed up in Shell Beach with Rene, David, and Jerry. My crew loaded up the boat with beer, sandwiches and their A-game on this trip. We stocked the bait-well with frisky Campo’s live shrimp and headed south towards Breton Sound. On the way out, I saw some birds working over an oyster reef. As I pulled up, you could see the shrimp and glass minnows everywhere. I stuck the power pole down and these boys went to town. From the bow of the boat to the stern, the speckled trout were flying over the gunwales. The action slowed down a little towards the end, but not enough to run us off. We finished em up early and took it to the house before it got hot. Thanks again to Loren Leblanc for setting up the trip. I’ll see you on the next one
Jakamo South is a Louisiana charter fishing guide service operating out of Shell Beach, just 25 miles south of the New Orleans French Quarter. We specialize in inshore species, such as speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and drum.

All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp with 13 Fishing Black Omen Rods and Fins Braid fishing line.
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