Chicken Salad Out of Chicken $H1T!

It was a windy day on the water with Jeff Coralis of Nulite Electric and his customers from Marvin’s Electrical Contractors, Marvin, Tim, Bud, and Dave. After loading the wells with some frisky Campo’s live shrimp, I picked up the guys at Jeff’s camp in Proctor’s Landing for 5:00am. It was a tough morning, but these guys fish a lot and they knew that conditions were way less than favorable. Everyone kept in good spirits, as stop after stop, we found dirty water and undersized speckled trout. Finally around 10:00am, I dropped anchor at one of my spots, and right away Tim and Marvin flipped two keeper trout into the boat. Keeping my fingers crossed, we slowly started putting fish in the boat. 1 tout here, 2 trout there, slowly but surly we started putting fish in the box. Lucky for me these guys were great anglers and didn’t barely miss a bite. We hung out at that spot for 2 hours working on the fish. We filled the box with Speckled trout, and a couple of redfish and sheepshead. We took it back to Jeff’s camp, knowing that even though they didn’t give up easily, on this trip we got the better of the speckled trout. A special thank you to Jeff Coralis and Nulite Electrical for sponsoring the trip and putting a great team of fishermen together.


Jakamo South is a Louisiana charter fishing guide service operating out of Shell Beach, just 25 miles south of the New Orleans French Quarter. We specialize in inshore species, such as speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and drum.

All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp with 13 Fishing Black Omen Rods and Fins Braid fishing line.
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