More Trips for Captain Kerry

After the passing of Captain Kerry, Captain Jonathan and myself are pitching in to make sure that his clients still get to run their trips. The past two days were trips that we ran for Captain Kerry.

Brad Davis showed up in Shell Beach with his crew from Tennessee. Brad, Fielding, and Tim were on my boat and Mike, Wesley, and John fished with Captain Jonathan. We did things bass ackwards on this trip for sure. On day one, the wind was blowing 15 out of the Northwest. We all had speckled trout on the mind, but the conditions were less than favorable. It was a bit of a grind but our patience paid off and we both came back to the dock with great boxes of fish. On day two, the guys really wanted to catch redfish. Of course, it was flat calm and perfect weather to go trout fishing. No problem, the fish gods were on our side today. About mid morning I got a call from Captain Jonathan and he was crushing the reds. I ran over to the area he was fishing and hit a point about 100 yards away and started whacking on the redfish myself. We took it to the house and the guys hit the road back to Tennessee. Thanks again to Brad Davis for setting up the trip!


Jakamo South is a Louisiana charter fishing guide service operating out of Shell Beach, just 25 miles south of the New Orleans French Quarter. We specialize in inshore species, such as speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and drum.

All fish were caught on Campo’s live shrimp with 13 Fishing Black Omen Rods and Fins Braid fishing line.
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